Lab Members

Sichen (Susan) Shao

Sichen (Susan) Shao

Principal Investigator

sichen_shao [at]
Google_scholar   ORCID   @sshao714

Susan is an Assistant Professor of Cell Biology at Harvard Medical School. She trained with Manu Hegde, first as a PhD student in the Johns Hopkins - NIH partnerships program, and then as a postdoc at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology. Work in the Shao lab has been recognized by the Smith Family Award, the Vallee Scholars award, a Packard Fellowship, and the NIH New Innovator award.


Alexander Keszei

Postdoctoral Fellow

alexander_keszei [at]

Alex is originally from Canada, where he trained with Frank Sicheri at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute in the Department of Molecular Genetics at UofT.


Michael McKenna

Postdoctoral Fellow

michael_mckenna [at]
AHA Fellow 2018-2020

Mike is from the UK and did his PhD with Prof. Stephen High at the University of Manchester.


Benjamin Adams

Postdoctoral Fellow

benjamin_adams [at]

Ben is from Pennsylvania and did his PhD research in the lab of Dan Hebert at the University of Massachusetts.


Matthew Yip

Graduate Student (BBS)

yip1 [at]
Albert Ryan Fellow 2020- , AHA Predoctoral Fellow 2021-

Matthew is from Singapore and did his undergraduate studies at the University of Cambridge. He enjoys watching anime and practicing kendo.

Sam Sedor

Samantha Sedor

Graduate Student (BBS)

sedors [at]

Sam is from Philadelphia, where she did her undergraduate research with Virginia Lee at the University of Pennsylvania. Outside of lab, she likes to go hiking and camping.


Vincent Chu

Graduate Student (Chemical Biology)

vincentchu [at]
NDSEG Fellow 2018-2019

Vincent is from New Jersey and did his undergraduate research with Celeste Nelson at Princeton University. When he's not working with proteins, he enjoys baking, hiking, and solving crosswords with friends.



Lab Dog

bark [at] squirrels

Sage moved to Boston from Texas. She is trained to sit, stay, shake, high-five, lie down, roll over, catch, jump, and (usually) come when called.

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