We study the molecular mechanisms that determine the fate of new proteins
using biochemistry, cell biology, and structural biology approaches.


We always welcome applications from enthusiastic individuals. Please see below and email Susan at sichen_shao [at] harvard.hms.edu for more information.

Postdoctoral candidates should send Susan their CV and a short statement on their research interests and motivation for applying to the lab. They should also be prepared to arrange for three reference letters to be sent to Susan's email. 

Graduate students from the BBSBiophysics, and Chemical Biology programs should email Susan to discuss potential rotation projects. Prospective graduate students should apply to one of the PhD programs affiliated with HMS.

Research assistant positions are available to help out with some lab maintenance and to work on our newest ideas. Ideal candidates will have an undergraduate degree in a relevant topic (biology, another natural science, or engineering), wet lab experience, and be prepared to commit to at least a one-year (preferably a two-year) contract. 

Visiting scholars and international students should inquire about their individual situations. Ideal candidates should be knowledgeable about their visa requirements, be able to support themselves during their visit, and spend at least 6 months in the lab.

Undergraduate summer students can apply for internship opportunities through our department's program.


sichen_shao [at] hms.harvard.edu

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