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Excited to share the follow-up tRNA recycling story identifying a role for ELAC1 in removing 2',3'-cyclic phosphates from tRNAs cleaved during ribosome-associated quality control: Congratulations to Matt (and the Gygi lab)! We remembered to take pictures before/after, but not during, celebrations (which also coincided with Sage-the-lab-dog's birthday).

before , after , SageBDay

Happy new year! Welcome to our new visiting undergraduate student, Ta-Chien Hsieh. Not easy to keep track of everything that's happened the last several months - hard work, some holiday gatherings, and our annual new year party where we embraced (unstable) unicorns and our feelings about lab through memes.

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The lab celebrated recent good grant news with a sushi boat, appreciated pumpkin season at journal club, and (Sage) modeled some Halloween costumes.

boat , boat2 , pumpJC , elephant , tacodog

Back from another fun Cell Biology departmental retreat with fortuitously good weather. This year, our lab had 100% attendance and talk/poster participation. We also shared our "lab nightmares".

sunny , sunset , ack , gordram

Super excited to try out some of our crazier ideas with support from a Packard Fellowship!

Happy birthday to Matt. It was momentous for two reasons: Sam was the first person in the lab to bring in a cake with a personalized message (and importantly, a candle), and all of our lab's windows have finally been replaced after 2 months of being boarded up for building renovations. Everyone is appreciating the extra burst of happiness from the simple pleasure of seeing daylight again.

daylight , hello , organization , yum

Thanks to the NIH and NIGMS for supporting our work with the New Innovator Award

Readjusting to the brisk work hard/play hard pace of the fall. Highlights include the Smith Family foundation poster session and a visitor from fun past scientific endeavors.

smith_poster , almost_krios_room , front , back , back_to_school

We celebrated Jerry's productive summer this week with two happy hours, a poster session, and a symposium (very little caught on camera). The rest of us are now off to make the most of the last 2 quiet-ish weeks of summer in the lab before the semester starts.

Happy Vincent's birthday (aka RNA Day)! Growing whiskey hours, cake celebrations, and coffee are offsetting the sunlight deprivation from window replacements.

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Hard to believe that half of the year has passed! We deep-cleaned the lab...and then rewarded ourselves by exploring some new hangouts in Fenway.

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It's been a busy start to summer: happy birthday to Sam, a good bit of traveling and presentations by lab members, and welcome to our summer student from UNC, Jerry Wei!

IntConv , SamBDay , ITGelato

Lots of scientific and non-scientific fun at our first lab retreat!

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Check out our story on a mechanism that links protein and tRNA quality control on stalled ribosomes!

Sam Sedor joins the lab for her dissertation research!

Happy that tea (whiskey) time is starting to catch on around the 4th floor of C building, and bidding farewell to Yang at the end of another great rotation!

start , end , BonMe

Congrats again to Matt, this time on a successful qualifying exam (starting a good streak for the lab)! Also celebrating Michelle's rotation and Ivana's paper acceptance!

Back from a fun conference just in time to celebrate a paper acceptance. Congratulations, Matt!

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Happy early birthday celebrations for Mike (and Sage)!

M_beginning , ooh , S_beginning , the_star , the_aftermath

We ventured out the evening of the Patriots' Championship Parade for Yan's goodbye dinner - celebrating a super productive 6 months (we're sad she has to go)! Also celebrating the end of a lecture series and Ivana's grant submission. Yay!

dinner_filtered_creepy_eyes , dessert_crew , before_game , actual_game

Welcome to BBS rotation student Yang Lim!

Happy Burns day! Impromptu whiskey gathering during recruitment weekend.

Starting off 2019 with some pizza, candlepin bowling, a post-holidays white elephant gift exchange, and belated birthday celebrations for Yan!

pizza , bowl1 , bowl2 , Yan_cake

Welcome to our new rotation student, Michelle Ma!

Happy holidays!

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